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First Communion Catechism

Complete and easy catechism for children preparing for their First Holy Communion

Price: $12.00

First Communion Catechism Workbook

Based on the Baltimore Catechism, the workbook coincides with the First Communion Catechism compiled by the Daughters of Mary

Price: $15.00

Holy Communion Story Book

Prayers and stories to help prepare your child for First Holy Communion

Price: $2.50

Preparation for Confirmation Workbook

Includes Catechism questions, quizzes, prayers, and stories that are helpful for those preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Price: $12.00

Confirmation Certificate

Ornate gold-foil-stamped certificate

Price: $5.00

Confirmation Keepsake Booklet

This little booklet is a perfect gift for those receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation, or who have already received this great Sacrament.

Price: $7.00

First Holy Communion Certificate - Boys

Elegant gold-foil-stamped certificates

Price: $5.00

First Holy Communion Certificate - Girls

Elegant gold-foil-stamped certificates

Price: $5.00