Confidence Package


In anxious times and difficult days, instead of worrying, let us place our confidence in the Sacred Heart of Our Lord.
Package Includes:
⋅Book ~ Words of Encouragement  

⋅Sacred Heart Chaplet  

⋅Instructional Card

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In anxious times and difficult days, instead of worrying, let us place our confidence in the Sacred Heart of Our Lord.  Praying the Chaplet of the Sacred Heart, and reflecting on the wisdom contained in Words of Encouragement, will move us to leave all our cares in the merciful Heart of Christ.

Package Includes:

Book ~ Words of Encouragement
  • The thoughts contained in this book encourage us to have greater trust in Our Lord and will help to console and uplift our hearts
  • Taken from conferences and instructions given by Daniel Considine, S.J. (1930s)
  • 54 pages, paperback               

Sacred Heart Chaplet ~ Handmade by the Sisters
  • Antique brass beads (7mm) - silver-plated
  • Faceted glass beads (6mm) - red
  • Sacred Heart medal
  • Sacred Heart centerpiece             
Instructional Card
  • Instructions on how to pray the chaplet
  • Prayers to be said on the beads of the chaplet

User Reviews For Confidence Package


Average Score: 5.0 / 5

Package Deal is worth your investment

"For the price of the Chaplet, the book, and the instructional card = WOW. First off the book itself is worth $20.00. This little book packs a prayer punch. It is a thick little book you can carry with you. Wonderful layout of content and very powerful devotional / instructional information. Secondly, the Chaplet itself is stunning, very sturdy for all you prayer warriors out there, and exceptionally unique. The medals and beads are beautiful. Thirdly, the instructional card that comes with the Chaplet is in full color on hard card stock. This is a prayer card you could place in a book. In sum: the book, the instructional card and the Chaplet are each unique and high quality beautiful. I've purchased two of these for gifts (and another one for myself). "

Lisa Marie Coppoletta - San Marcos, Texas



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