Temperament Conferences on CD-Rom

A reliable means of knowing yourself is to know your temperament. Mother Mary Bosco describes the temperaments in general and each one in particular.
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A reliable means of knowing yourself is to know your temperament.

The Four Temperaments

  • Sanguine - cheerful, social
  • Melancholic - sympathetic, organized
  • Choleric - motivated, hardworking
  • Phlegmatic - pleasant, easygoing

Throughout these conferences, Mother Mary Bosco informs us about the temperaments in general and about each one in particular. With each temperament she explains the following:

  1. General characteristics
  2. Negative and positive qualities
  3. How to live with persons of each temperament
  4. How to train each temperament for spiritual progress
  5. How to raise children of each temperament

This item includes

  • Set of 5 Conferences on 10 CDs
  • Temperament Test
    • Fifty concise questions and answers to help you determine your temperament
  • Visual Aid
    • Unique diagram depicting the eleven passions and how they are to be regulated by the intellect and will

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