My Catholic Faith

This practical and simple book provides a complete and concise study of the Catholic Religion.  It contains over 200 detailed illustrations with easily understandable descriptions of the doctrines and practices of the Faith.

Enter Quantity:

by Most Reverend Louis LaRavoine Morrow, S.T.D.
  • original copyright 1949
  • reprint without revisions
  • 415 pages, hardcover
  • size - 8" x 11"
  • concise knowledge of the doctrines and practices for the Catholic Church
  • practical book of the Faith
 Contains three sections:
  1. Creed - what we must know and believe
  2. Commandments - what we must do
  3. Prayer and Sacraments - what means we can use to attain God
Click here to view the table of contents and some sample pages.

According to the National Director of the Society for the Propagation of the Faith (March 1954) - "Anyone deeply interested in converts seeks an exposition of the Catholic Faith which not only defines each article of the Creed and each doctrine of the Church, but which also gives an explanation and a reason for the doctrine. Such an ideal is beautifully satisfied in a Catechism written by one of our zealous missionary bishops, Most Reverend Louis L. R. Morrow, S.T.D., Bishop of Krishnagar. This is not the kind of Catechism that can be carried in one's pocket, for it contains 415 pages. But once it is read, it can be carried both in the head and in the heart. The presentation is such as to satisfy the mentality of both children and adults, and is even not beyond an excellent review for those who have studied both Dogmatic and Moral Theology."

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