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2019 Ladies' Retreat


2019 Ladies' Retreat

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Throughout all of Sacred Scripture, there are no recorded words from the saint whom God appointed to be the protector of the Holy Family and of His Universal Church, the great St. Joseph.  In this retreat, we will examine and study this remarkable saint, who is the model for the practice of all virtues.  Like Jesus and Mary, we will learn to consult, honor and love him.  In St. Joseph, we have a powerful protector, a loving father, and an impeccable example of virtue.


1) Go to Joseph - Mother Mary Bosco, F.M.

2) Saint Joseph, Our Guide to Heaven - Mother Mary Bosco, F.M.

3) Saint Joseph, Patron of a Happy - Father Paul Krug, C.S.P.V

4) The Practice of Trust and Detachment - Mother Mary Bosco, F.M.

5) Reparation and Abandonment to God's Will - Mother Mary Bosco, F.M.

6) Saint Joseph, A Model of Humility and Meekness - Bishop James Carroll, C.S.P.V

7) Saint Joseph, Watchful Defender of Christ - Bishop Joseph Santay, C.S.P.V

8) Saint Joseph, Mirror of Patience - Mother Mary Bosco, F.M.

9) Saint Joseph and Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary- Bishop Joseph Santay, C.S.P.V.

10) Persevering in Prayer and Resolution - Mother Mary Bosco, F.M.

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