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Emmaus - Walk with Christ


Emmaus - Walk with Christ

Emmaus - Walk with Christ

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Conference from the 2015 Ladies' Retreat


In this opening conference of the 2015 Ladies' Retreat, Mother Mary Bosco reminds us to keep our gaze fixed on Christ.  How often we, like the two disciples on their way to Emmaus, can be weighed down with crosses and tempted to cease our efforts toward holiness.  When the disciples had given in to discouragement, Our Lord drew near to them, listened to their concerns, and then gently reminded them that there is never reason to give up.  He teaches us also through this conversation, that we are never to give up for He is always near.  Retreat, like the disciples' walk to Emmaus, is a time in which we are to share our concerns with Our Lord and be instructed by Him, the Divine Teacher.

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